Are the Organizations You Entrust Your Children with Screening to Protect Them
from Sexual Boundary Violations and Sexual Abuse?

As a parent, nothing is more important to you than your child’s safety and well-being. You can’t always be with them so when you aren’t, you trust the adults who are charged with their care. Organizations that use The Diana Screen® value that trust and use The Diana Screen® to help screen in the safest candidates to work with children.

The Diana Screen® for Parents

Why Every Youth Serving Organization Needs The Diana Screen®

Facts & Figures

  • 42 million –  The number of U.S. survivors of child sexual abuse
  • Studies show that 6% of adults in the general population are sexually attracted to children
  • Many other adults fail to recognize adult-child sexual boundaries
  • The most common person to sexually abuse a child is an acquaintance or someone the child or family knows and trusts

The vast majority of adults who work with children are safe, but there are men and women who represent a danger to children. They:

  • May be sexually attracted to children
  • May have a poor understanding of adult-child sexual boundaries
  • May give permission to individuals in the above categories. These permission givers notice inappropriate behavior and boundary violations but do not report them to their superiors and do nothing to prevent the incidents they witness.

These adults apply in greater numbers to work and volunteer with children. They volunteer with after-school programs as mentors, as coaches, and as scout leaders. They are hired as teachers, teachers’ aids, school bus drivers, after care providers, and camp counselors. They look, act, and have credentials like everyone else.

Background Checks Aren’t Enough

Up until recently, the best any organization could do to keep individuals like this away from children is conduct background screenings. But only 6% of child sexual abuse is ever reported to the police. In fact, ChoicePoint reported looking at over 3.5 million background checks and finding only 0.2% that could be identified as sexual offenders.

The Diana Screen® Solution

In contrast, The Diana Screen® does not rely on public records or criminal histories. The Diana Screen® provides much more effective results. Administered to applicants for staff and volunteer positions, The Diana Screen® is a child safety screen that helps identify adults who fail to recognize adult-child sexual boundaries or who are at a high risk for having sexually abused a child in the past. Because The Diana Screen® does not rely on public records or criminal histories, it does a better job of helping to screen out those individuals who may detract from the safety and welfare of the children in an organization. The Diana Screen® is dramatically more effective than criminal background checks in protecting children and teens against this risk.

How You Can Help Protect Your Children

How can you be sure your youth-serving providers are utilizing The Diana Screen®? Ask.

Check with your child’s daycare, preschool, school, and afterschool programs to make sure they are utilizing the #1 sexual risk screen to protect children and communities.

One Hope United has been utilizing The Diana Screen® for over a year with results that make us confident we are providing the highest level of safety screening to protect the children we serve.”
Bill A. Gillis, President/CEO, One Hope United

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