For more than 20 years, Gene G. Abel, M.D. and the researchers at Abel Screening, Inc. (ASI) have been developing technologically advanced evaluation and screening tools to keep children safe.Diana Screen® History

The Diana Screen® is ASI’s sixth tool. It was developed after a national youth-serving organization recognized the inadequacies of criminal background checks at reducing sexual risk to children. This organization expressed the need for an objective screening tool that would provide greater safety to the children in its programs while also being low cost and easy to administer.

Through breakthroughs in research and technology – 18 years in the making – ASI was able to develop and validate The Diana Screen® and its three risk measures. The Diana Screen® gives youth-serving agencies and programs a tool to greatly reduce sexual risk to children and to keep them safer than has ever been possible.

Gene G. Abel, M.D., founder and president of Abel Screening, Inc., is an internationally recognized pioneer in the sexual protection of children.The federal government has awarded him six long-term National Institute of Mental Health grants to study the prevention of child sexual abuse.

A past president of the National Society for Behavioral Medicine, Dr. Abel is a Distinguished, Lifetime Fellow of the American Psychiatry Association and a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. A full professor, he has served on the faculty of several medical schools including Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Emory University Medical School, and Morehouse Medical School. Dr. Abel has published 150 scientific articles in medical journals and criminal justice books and on the Attorney General’s Department of Justice website. With Nora Harlow, he is the co-author of The Stop Child Molestation Book: What Ordinary People Can Do in Their Everyday Lives to Save Three Million Children.

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