The #1 Sexual Risk Screen to Protect Children and Communities

The Diana Screen® is an easy to use computer-based pre-hire/volunteer risk management screen that keeps children and teens safe from sexual abuse and sexual boundary violations. Scientifically validated and backed by over 20 years of research, The Diana Screen® asks a series of questions that identify applicants who fail to recognize sexual boundaries between adults and children.

The Diana Screen®

  • Helps screen in the safest staff and volunteers to care for children and teens
  • Helps screen out applicants who fail to recognize sexual boundaries between adults and children and those at a high risk to have already sexually abused a child
  • Is easy to use and fast
  • Is administered on a computer
  • Is on a 4th grade reading level
  • Is available in English and Spanish
  • Returns immediate Pass/Fail results
  • Is scientifically validated
  • Has undergone a thorough legal review

Why You Need The Diana Screen®

Adults serving as volunteers or staff in youth-serving organizations and programs have a responsibility to maintain healthy sexual and professional boundaries with the children and teens with whom they volunteer or work. There is usually an imbalance of power and status in these relationships as the youth depend on these adults for their skills, knowledge, guidance, and advice. Youth-serving adult volunteers and staff have a responsibility not to exploit this trust and dependency for personal gain.

While most adults who apply to work or volunteer in youth-serving programs model and reinforce healthy boundaries, there are others who do not recognize them. Some of these adults cross over adult-child sexual boundaries themselves and some are permission givers who fail to respond appropriately when they witness other adults violating boundaries with children and teens.

  • At two, multi-state, youth-serving agencies, organization records indicated four official reports of boundary violations by staff over a six-month period.
  • However, in an anonymous survey by Abel Screening, Inc., staff indicated knowledge of 487 boundary violations over the same period.

Boundary violations occur quite frequently but are most often not reported, putting children and teens in youth-serving programs at continued risk.

In addition, an estimated 6% of adults in the general population have a sexual interest in children. These adults apply in greater numbers to work and volunteer with children.

These adults:

  • Hide their sexual interest in children and teens
  • Are equally represented in every socio-economic group and every religion
  • Can’t be detected through the normal interview process

Without effective screening, adults like these may be selected for staff or volunteer positions in youth-serving programs.

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