AcceptabilityThe Diana Screen Acceptability

Not only must a screening tool be scientifically valid, easy to administer, and easy to take, but it must also be acceptable to the candidates who take it. Therefore, as part of the piloting of The Diana Screen®, Abel Screening, Inc. surveyed test-takers about their experience of taking The Diana Screen®.

This pilot sample included candidates for staff and volunteer positions at faith-based organizations, teen residential facilities, foster care, and youth-serving volunteer groups.

Among all test-takers there was high acceptance of The Diana Screen®.

  • 98% said other people working near children should take this screen
  • 98% said they thought other groups should use this screen to protect children
  • 95% said that taking The Diana Screen® was easy, using the mouse was easy, and answering the questions was easy

While 87% said that it was important to them to prevent child sexual abuse, 30% said the subject made them “uncomfortable.”

The Diana Screen® continues to receive high acceptability results from the majority of test-takers.

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