Faith-Based Organizations Help Protect Children with The Diana Screen®

The Diana Screen® for Faith Based Organizations

The problem is that churches are the perfect environment for sexual predators because they have large numbers of children’s programs, a shortage of workers to lead them, and a culture of trust that is the essence of the organization.”
James Cobble – Executive Director, Christian Ministry Resources

Facts & Figures

  • Surveys suggest that over the past decade the pace of child-abuse allegations against American churches has averaged 70 a week
  • The Catholic Church has revealed 13,000 credible accusations against Catholic clerics since 1950
  • The three companies that insure the majority of Protestant churches in the U.S. say they receive upward of 260 reports annually of people under 18 being sexually abused by clergy, church staff, volunteers or congregation members
  • Juries have awarded up to $100 million verdicts to victims of clergy on child sexual abuse
  • Research shows that 93% of men who sexually abuse children say they are religious

When children are sexually abused while under faith-based care, they can lose their trust in adults. They may even begin to doubt their faith.

Why Your Organization Needs The Diana Screen®

The vast majority of adults who work with children in faith-based organizations are safe. But there are men and women who represent a danger to children. They:

  • May be sexually attracted to children
  • May have a poor understanding of adult-child sexual boundaries
  • May give permission to individuals in the above categories. Permission givers notice inappropriate behavior and boundary violations but do not report them and do nothing to prevent future incidents from occurring.

These adults apply in greater numbers to work and volunteer with children. They volunteer in places of worship, they are hired as clergy and counselors and they look, act, and have credentials like everyone else.

Background Checks

Up until recently, the best anyone could do to keep individuals like this away from children is background screening. But, only 6% of child sexual abuse is ever reported to the police. This fact has a serious impact on finding people who sexually abuse children through background checks. In fact, ChoicePoint reported looking at over 3.5 million checks and finding only 0.2% that they could identify as a sexual offender. In contrast, The Diana Screen® does not rely on public records or criminal histories. The Diana Screen® methodology provides much more effective results.

How You Can Help Ensure the Safety of the Children in Your Care

How can you be sure you are bringing on the safest staff and volunteers to work with children? By utilizing the most technologically advanced solution to the problem of hiring staff who violate sexual boundaries.

The Diana Screen® is easy to use and fast. It is taken on a computer and generates immediate pass/fail results. The Diana Screen® reduces risk by helping to screen out applicants who fail to recognize sexual boundaries between adults and children and those who may have already sexually abused a child.

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