The #1 Sexual Risk Screen To Protect Children and Communities

The Diana Screen® is an easy to use, computer-based, pre-hire/volunteer risk management screen that keeps children and teens safe from sexual abuse and sexual boundary violations. Scientifically validated and backed by over 20 years of research, The Diana Screen® asks a series of questions that helps identify applicants who fail to recognize sexual boundaries between adults and children.

The Diana ScreenThe Diana Screen®

  • Helps screen in the safest staff and volunteers to care for children and teens
  • Helps screen out applicants who fail to recognize sexual boundaries between adults and children and those at a high risk to have already sexually abused a child
  • Is easy use and fast
  • Is administered on a computer
  • Is on a 4th grade reading level
  • Is available in English and Spanish
  • Returns immediate Pass/Fail results
  • Is scientifically validated

An addition to the interview

  • Used as one component of an organization’s overall application/interview/screening process
  • Quickly and inexpensively asks the sexual risk questions that staff do not have the experience to ask

Scientifically Validated and thoroughly field tested:

  • Research from 6 federal grants led to the publication of many peer reviewed articles which support The Diana Screen®
  • Validated preliminary research by the FBI
  • Over 100,000 people have answered The Diana Screen® questions

Independent Legal Review – Federal and state legal review conducted by National Legal Research Group, Inc.

Criminal Background Checks Aren’t Enough

Because most acts of child and teen sexual abuse are never reported to the police, criminal background checks are largely ineffective at identifying individuals who may have already sexually abused a child. In fact, ChoicePoint reported looking at over 3.5 million background checks and finding only 0.2% that could be identified as sexual offenders. In contrast to background checks, The Diana Screen® does not rely on public records or criminal histories. The Diana Screen® methodology provides much more effective results.

Using The Diana Screen® accomplishes the following:

  • Helps identify men and women who are most likely to cross sexual boundaries with children and teens, it helps to reduce adult on child sexual misconduct
  • Acts as a deterrent
  • Helps agencies select the safest adults to work with children and teens by forming a safer pool of prospective hires and volunteers

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